Mosquito Shut Out

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Are you annoyed with mosquitoes flying around? Well Shout Out all of them with a click of a button!
How it work? Well dragonflies are the mortal enemy for mosquitoes and in flight they generate sound frequencies (approximately) between 67 Hz and 45 Hz, depending on their sizes.
Your iPhone will work well for this purpose generating a swipe sound ranging from the frequency above. Most humans cannot hear this sound, but depending on your "age" you may hear a little noise, however its not harmful to you!
The sound level on the speakers should be adjusted so it is barely audible. This arrangement can be setup in a bedroom where you would like to have the window open but are worried about mosquitoes.

For better results you can also connect the iPhone to an external speakers
For the iPod Touch (1st generation) you must use a pair of external speakers

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